Distance (online) learning

Consulting and support for your distance learning projects

Today, distance learning makes it possible to get education in Europe without significant costs, while not losing the quality of the knowledge gained.

If you would like to receive a diploma/degree in Europe, contact us immediately to find out more.


Traditional (offline) learning

Practical advice and consulting assistance for your educational plans/projects

If you are planning to study at the best universities in Europe, our experts will help you in realization of your plans/educational projects. We will help you find the right university, faculty, the right specialty, as well as draw up and submit documents for admission. Our participation will significantly increase your chances.

Contact us immediately to find out more.


Consultations on scholarships

Consultation and support for obtaining a study grant/scholarship

The best option to continue your studies abroad is to get a study grant/scholarship from the best European universities. Then you will receive funding for your studies, as well as a monthly stipend. Contact us immediately to find out more.